the services where ETA solutions operates including Design, Develop, Engineering, Fabrication, Supply, installation, commissioning and Maintenance of water & wastewater treatment plants.


  •   Brackish water Reverse Osmosis Plants.
  •   Sea water Reverse osmosis Plants.
  •   Ground water supply systems.
  •   Water Softener & Deionizer.
  •   Filtration Systems.
  •   Ultraviolet System.
  •   Screens, Valves, Pumps, Motors & Spare parts.
  •   Electro mechanical contracting.
  •   Plant operations & maintenance systems.
  •   Chemical dosing and controlling systems.
  •   Chlorine disinfections systems.
  •   Ozone disinfections systems.
  •   Chemical cleaning and disinfections systems.
  •   Process automation, monitoring and control systems.


Eta Solutions Co. is located in Cairo, Egypt in the heart of the Arab world.
We are here to provide not only quality products, but also We take pleasure in providing our customers with superior customer service and the best prices on water treatment, purification, and filtration products, as well as offering the quickest delivering time possible.

Eta Solutions Co. Service staff is committed to:

Identify the problems and objectives:
We begin a project by meeting with plant personnel for a preliminary discussion and conduct a survey to obtain data about the plant equipment and operations. This involves investigation of water flow, water sources, system history, critical heating and steaming areas potential problems and environmental issues.

Design the treatment program:
To insure that the program is reliable, effective and cost efficient.
According to your water sources and water usages.

Monitoring the treatment:
Our staff is trained in all aspects of industrial water treatment, they understand your systems needs
and problems and have the experience to conduct and recommend appropriate monitoring procedures.

Quality Policy

We will be Competent, Consistent, & Compliant by:
• Listening to our customers, understanding their definition of quality and exceeding their expectations.
• Delivering top-quality, innovative products and services.
• Continuously improving our processes and systems while maintaining our effectiveness of and complying
with regulatory requirements.
We look forward to serving you and establishing a strong long-lasting business relationship.