(ETA) is the Greek letter used for efficiency in scientific and engineering literature. The choice of this letter for the identity of our firm reflects our vision in realizing a highly efficient and sustainable way of life. At ETA-Solutions, we design, develop, and deliver innovative efficiency and renewable solutions that get the best results. ETA-Solutions, we bring our experience, expertise, creativity and commitment not only to achieve our clients’ goals, but also to exceed their expectations through self-set standards of professional services.
ETA solutions is an electro-mechanical & water treatment company operating in EGYPT with its strong technical efforts and team growing steadily in the present market as a strong technology & solution provider in the full spectrum of Water & Wastewater including the complete scope of engineering & electromechanical sector .
ETA solutions’s unique capabilities are demonstrated in every taken step, from the problem identification stage to the placement of integrated solution.
Intimacy, to provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our quality customers and hence give us competitive advantage..  
Vision & Mission
Our Vision & Mission is to lead the path to new and exclusive types of products and services and to be acknowledged as a Contractor of choice in the water Treatment Services Sector in the region and beyond.
We are committed to enhance our client’s satisfaction and loyalty through:
Measure, monitor, analyze the processes and implement activities necessary to accomplish the projected solutions and continual improvement in order to increase our market share.
Providing high quality and unparalleled services and products, to ensure that our work will be a value adding to any project.
       Prime importance of Customer Satisfaction
       Personal Effectiveness
       Team Sprit